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Unmissable Seminars

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  • Amy Bean: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Amy Bean

    Evidenced Based Solutions For The Neurologically Impaired Upper Limb

  • Dr Anita Rose: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr Anita Rose

    The importance of cognitive rehabilitation following a brain injury

  • Philip Coulthurst: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Philip Coulthurst

    Making a difference together in brain injury rehabilitation

  • Jayne Coulson: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Jayne Coulson

    The Implementation of Virtual Rehab: Blood, Sweat and Tears

  • David Ram: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    David Ram

    Robot and Computer-Assisted Therapy for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

  • Carolyn E Jones: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Carolyn E Jones

    Clinical applications of biofeedback

  • Armin Schnürer: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Armin Schnürer

    Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) for stroke rehabilitation using FES and VR

  • Jane Symonds: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Jane Symonds

    Activity-based rehab. The clinical challenge

  • Jørgen R. Jørgensen: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Jørgen R. Jørgensen

    Intensive outpatient gait rehabilitation after acquired brain injury (ABI).

  • Dr. Reinhold Scherer: Speaking at the Flood Expo

    Dr. Reinhold Scherer

    Electroencephalographic-based (EEG) neurorehabilitation technology.

The Latest Products And Technologies

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Cyclone Mobility

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is defined as “a rehabilitative technique where low level electrical voltages and currents are applied to an individual in order to improve or restore function lost to injury or disease”



Virtualis is a pioneer in Virtual Reality applied to Health. Our softwares for professionals can enhance the efficiency of old tools, offer new treatments and new possibilities in various fields.


Learning to Walk Again

The human body has an immense capacity to heal and recover, but it’s hardly an easy feat. The road to recovery can be a long and grueling one. The KineAssist is a stand-alone, patient-driven platform that facilitates a large number of therapeutic exercises in a single location.